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More than a workout

We specialize in group training utilizing the H.I.R.T. system for
varying levels of fitness experience. We are more than just a workout,
we hold our standards above the rest and aim to help you do the same.

Make it H.I.R.T.

This is the brainchild of Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist
Dan LeBlanc. The H.I.R.T. program is designed to eliminate the possibility
of becoming stagnant or hitting plateaus with the use of varying levels of
classes and programs intended to take anyone to the next level.

Daily Workout Emphasis

Every day is a full body workout with
light emphasis on either upper or lower body.
Monday Full Body
Tuesday Full Body
Wednesday Full Body
Thursday Full Body
Friday Full Body
Saturday Full Body

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Membership Pricing

10% discount for all servicemen and women
15% discount for first family member
10% discount for all additional family members

1:1 Personal Training

30 minute sessions Member rates Non-member rates
4 sessions / month $ 160 $ 184
8 sessions / month $ 300 $ 345
12 sessions / month $ 400 $ 460

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